Parts & Service

Permanent operation and exposure to the elements put enormous strain on Bauer equipment. Consequently, signs of wear are inevitable. An optimal supply of high-quality, original spare parts is therefore extremely important – it increases the lifetime of your equipment.


Our specialists in the Parts and Service Department are always available to assist and advise you.


Contact service consultant:

For assistance on Equipment Service, you may contact our Service Engineer:

Philips Mathew
Mob: +971 50 6400125
Email: philips@bauer.ae

For assistance on Spare Parts, you may contact our Spare Parts Coordinators:

Rohan Sequeira (for companies within the UAE)
Phone  +971 4 2555 905, ext. 106
Email: rohansequeira@bauer.ae

Sheriyah Zachariah (for companies outside the UAE)

Phone  +971 4 2555 905 ext. 102
Email: sheriyazachariah@bauer.ae

Office Hours: Saturday 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM; Sunday to Thursday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


We constantly offer a range of second-hand equipment. A current overview of all available rigs with further technical details and photos, please find in our Used Equipment Portal.



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